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cropped-shutterstock_670055296_reinier4_b1.jpgHey there, I’m Reinier Báez although I prefer Renny, mostly. Unless it’s the police or the warden (ask a good friend of mine about the warden, she can tell you!) then it’s definitely Reinier.

Come to find out people are actually interested in the escapades of a Cuban from Miami. Huh! A Cuban from Miami, imagine that. What are the chances, right? Miami boy through and through and I still have that Miami accent. New York has nothing on us with the accent thing, papo.

I was sharing laughs and stories with my partner in crime, Adira, and she was all like “you have got to write some of this stuff down, it’s fantastic” and silly man that I am, I listened to her.

I came of age in 1970s Miami when water was free and you paid for porn. When if you had ‘the look’ you didn’t get carded to go into ‘those’ discos – I was the one with the tambourine, OK? It also helps I had a full beard by 15. It also helps I like sex. A lot. No kidding. There’s nothing to be ashamed of or dirty, sex is something to be celebrated and enjoyed, like a fine cigar and a scotch. The more, the merrier.

I remember, sometimes a little too fondly, the Cocaine Cowboy days and the renaissance of South Beach. When South Beach went from old, semi-decrepit retirement hotels to a hopping sea of delicious debauchery full of muscled mens.

Now, as a gay man of a certain age living in South Florida I get to still enjoy my favorite sport, although now I’m a happily married gay.

I think I’ll continue to write down some of experiences. For posterity. Yeah, that’s it, posterity.




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